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Kommandir is a short ambient scene following Commander Kharchenko Peter Andreevich from Bunker 23. He has been assigned leadership of Operation Red Hammer and must provide his men the leadership they so desperately need in this time of despair. 


  • Escape for options 
  • E to Interact
  • Cntrl to Crouch
  • Right Click to Zoom
  • Left Click to Throw Dart


This game relies heavily on audio queues, so playing with volume is necessary for the optimal quality gameplay.

Fully released! I may still release a few minor bug fixes should the game require so, but other than that this is the final product, hope you enjoy!


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Kommandir.zip 120 MB

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Really Interesting idea, had some fun messing around but the booms and shaking really gave me shivers. Thanks for making this game bro. Here's my playthrough with another game - 


The game is SO GOOD!!!!1! I NEAD MORE LIKE IT


Loved this game. The atmosphere was so immersive. Highly recommend to have headphones to people who want to try out this game. 


Very nice game. Even though a lot of it was just messing around and killing time, the reality sank in at a few points, which made it very effective for getting its own brand of horror across. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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Of course, thank you for playing! Stick around for the next game, it will definitely feature more story!

Darn skippy I will.

It was a very interesting experience, I enjoyed it. 

Comments below clip;

The madness [and sadness] of war, distilled in a single game. I can utter many words, but simply say, 'I loved it.'

Well done, well worked out and a devastating message to all to boot. Kudos to all involved.


Really cool setting and style of horror game. Great work! 

Thank you! If you liked this make sure you follow the new one I’m announcing today! 


Hello, I played this game and I liked it, pretty interesting concept, good work :)


Thanks for playing! Im glad you liked it!


This was pretty good, ran into a bug to where when it shakes the objects off to clean up the object that fell off the desk fell through the floor soft locking the game, didn't happen again after restarting the game. Apart from that this is a solid little game. Made a video on it.


Thanks for playing it! Im unsure why that would happen but ill be sure to look into it. Thanks for the feedback!

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This was a cool horror game experience as a commander who is giving commands to his platoon and doing whatever he can to win the war. It is definitely nerve-wrecking to play as the commander where everything is happening around the commander but the commander can only stay in the base to ensure that he can ask for additional assistance and give orders appropriately. I am glad that the game ended with a positive message, telling players that war is horrible and leads to massive casualties and damage to both parties. The mood and atmosphere created by the shaking of the room, the dark setting of the room and the different noises from the war outside. It would be cool if there were more events happening in the game though, that increases in terms of the extent of fear it can bring to the player.

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.

this was a cute lil game i hope you enjoy the vid and dont mind me getting a bit judgy :D

Im glad you enjoyed it! Any feedback is certainly appreciated as well, so thank you!


love the game 

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This was so cool, thanks for playing! Sorry for the abrupt ending, I had a bit of a malfunction. But it has now been fixed!